Registration Information

Registration for FarmWise farm-based educational programs is easy:

Download  the Registration and Emergency forms and then fill them out, photocopy your medical info and mail it to us with the deposit that will hold your child’s place.

Once your registration arrives here, you will receive an e-mail or a phone call to let you know that the place is secured.

(Family events need only fill out registration and liability form.) (School groups need not fill out individual forms)

If you want us to mail you the forms, do not hesitate to call us: 262 642 9738.

Register by Mail

We will need information and any special considerations you want us to be aware of in regards to your child. This is, of course, to assure that he or she has a great experience while at FarmWise.

We believe in “small is beautiful” here, and that means that we will all get to know each other well!

A 3-part application–

The FarmWise registration application has three parts– The first is called the registration form and it is general information about your child and any special health-related matters or social issues we should take into account. Please be sure to list all food ALLERGIES (no special food requests) here (or on the back of the page). We will take these into account in creating the menu for the week.

The second form is an emergency form, supplying our need for your permission to provide emergency medical care should the need arise on short notice. Please be sure to sign that. Send a photo copy of the medical info along, too.

Also please fill out the third page- liability and photo release forms.


We ask that you make a nominal deposit when making your reservation.

For the summer camp programs the deposit is $30 to hold your child’s place. (Refundable until exactly a month prior to the event. Less than a month, the deposit is not refundable.)

The three day camp has deposit of $30.

For classes, you will be notified what the deposit is. (This is refundable only two months prior to arrival.)

Saturdays and other day events are needing a $20 deposit to hold the place( refundable before one month of the date) The balance of the event will be due at or before the first day of the session. Reduced rates are available for early birds.

Multiple programs or registrations

Many of our ‘campers’ participate in more than one session, particularly during the Summer Camp season. In this case there are special discounted package rates.

The Season of 2017 will have these rates:

Summer camp,(6-12 year olds) 5 day from 9AM-3PM, $395($365 if paid in full one month ahead of startup) and the second camp would cost $50 less than the first one, the 3rd, fourth and fifth camp would cost $100 less than the first one. All camps need $30 deposit to hold the place. Deposits are refunded if cancellations take place a full month earlier than start-up of the event.

Summer camp for 4-9 year olds, 3 days from 9AM-1PM costs $169 ($149 if paid in full  30 days prior to start-up) To hold the place $30 deposit is needed also refundable up until one full month prior to starting date.

Saturdays (9AM-1PM)would cost for a child $49 ($44, if paid 30 days prior to date)The second Saturday would be $10 less, the third/fourth and fifth Saturday would be each $20 less than the first one.($20 deposit. to hold the place)

Sibling rates as 1/2 price for the third child.

Family Day rates are $89 for the entire family, however many, and $79 if paid in full 30 prior to date. ($10 deposit to hold the place.)

Group Rates with teacher(s) are for day trips 8:30/9:30AM – 2:00/2:30PM are  $27 pr. kid and an 8 kid minimum. If Paid a week in advance in full, it will be $25 pr. child. Chaperones and teacher are free.( All food, organic when possible, included.) Sleep over rates are $67 pr. child pr. day ($62, if paid in full a week or more ahead of date.)The deposits for groups are determined individually.

JUST FARM ANIMAL CHORES:  If families or individuals want to come to partake in the chores, only, please call and set it up with us (262 642 9738) . Chores  are done at 9:00AM-10:30AM and cost $40 pr. family unit.

IMPORTANT:   Before you register by mail, please contact us to verify that there still is a place for your child at the desired time, ( or 262 642 9738)

We will contact you by e-mail or phone to verify that we received your registration/deposit.

Registration Form (pdf download)

See: Contact Us for Address Info