Summer Farm School


 Please note: Some camps may be full, so call ahead to be sure that there is room for your child.

Phone 262 642 9738, e-mail:

Due to Covid-19-Cautions, we have decided to have very small programs for this summer of 2022.

Unfortunately that means a bit higher prices than last years. We will in every possible way try to be an outdoor program to the extent possible in this setting.


The mask policy will be up to you and we’ll try to support your choices for your child the best we can. We grownups do not wear masks here.  Children are also not required to wear them. We will support whatever mask-use, you’d like for your kids which may be for singing in the yurt or while cooking in the kitchen or outside, in general. The newly built yurt has ten window that will be open at all times and I will have the kids sit apart from each other while singing.  We will eat in the dining hall/sunroom, like before.  

TWO 3 day camps: ‘A Farm Introduction’

Summer 2022.

Three short days 9AM-1PM of farm school for as young as 4 year olds and older kids. Only 4-5 families total, max 12-15 kids. 

During this short week children get a taste of all parts of the farm. They will do animal chores, cook food, weed the garden, and learn what it takes to run a farm by trying to actually DO a few of the jobs themselves!

The 2022 Farm Introduction dates are:

Camp One:  June June 20,21,22. From 9AM to 1PM

Camp Two:  July 6,7,8, From 9AM to 1PM (full)

The cost is $250 per child.

Sibling discount for third and fourth children which is both half price.

To hold your child’s spot, you must put down a non-refundable deposit of $50.



Summer 2022

FOUR Full Farm Experience Camps.

4-5 family/pods/groupings and max 12-15 kids. 


Full farm school runs Monday through Friday, 9am to 3pm.

The mornings are spent rotating through animal chores, field work, cooking, and gardening. A morning snack and lunch are prepared by the children. Three times a day we also sing a variety of songs out in our new yurt that has plenty of ventilation, often times in other languages! You may have them wear a mask  for that, if you like, but that is up to you. We will not have a mask mandate here, since we try to do things as outdoorsy as possible In the afternoon games are played on the back lawn. On Friday we ask parents to arrive half an hour early (2:30pm) as the children will give a performance of the songs they have learned. Every child receives a diploma recognizing all the hard work they have done.


  • The non-refundable deposit of $50, registration and emergency forms are required to hold a spot.
  • $490 pr. child (which includes that $50 non-refundable deposit).
  • The cost is reduced by $10%, i.e. to  $441 if paid in full by April 1st.
  • No sibling discounts for the second child, but half price for third and fourth siblings.

Dates for the Four 5 Day Camps from 9AM-3PM

Camp One: June 13-17

Camp Two: July 11-15 (full)

Camp Three: July 25-29(full)

Camp Four:  August 1-5

Unfortunately, No Free ride (like before) for ‘Helpers’ for Covid caution reasons, only.  Which means that they will still be helpers, but have to pay the same as other kids. I surely wish it was otherwise!

No barn dance either.

We will dance wildly when this Cautious time passes!