Homeschool Program

6f1559_27d86e3994c249d5bdf3aef4c391f708~mv2_d_6000_4000_s_4_2We have several one  day programs come winter and spring 2023. They come as a fall unit, winter unit and a spring unit.  You do not have to commit to more than one unit at a time.

The age range will be 6-12+ and the hours will be from 10AM-4PM.  The Friday group has now openings.

262 642 9738 or

Each day will entail doing animal chores, milking the cow, gathering eggs, feeding the sheep and more. A lunch after chores is followed by a Waldorf “main lesson”, i.e. a lesson with poems/music/art and story and art work with Bente and others.  Free play time ends the day.


We need a minimum of four mixed age participants in order to run the program with a maximum of twelve. 

The fee is $90 pr. day (including two organic meals and supplies)per kid. You have to commit to the semester as a whole and pay upfront the full amount. You’ll receive 10% discount if paid in full a month ahead of starting date. Lunch is prepared here by the children with the master cook, Julie Gerard. We try to do everything organic here, if possible.  Food allergies/sensitivities are heeded.

Please call or email us for more information about our current offerings and on how to join.

New families can come and observe and participate and stay the day one time for free so they can make up their mind if this is for their children or not. 

Spring of 2023 will offer a consecutive 9 Friday program for mixed ages from 10AM-4PM + play afterwards. Kids can be picked up until 5PM.  This starts March 24 and ends May 19. The cost for this is $810, but early-birds paid in full by February 24 get the discount of $81, which adds up to be 729$.